Holiday Helper Snack Station

Holiday Helper Snack Station

Our delivery people literally make the world go 'round during the Holidays. UPS, FedEX, USPS... they all work their butts off to make our Christmas shopping easier. They miss time with their families so we can have time with ours, so I was feeling inspired and decided to share the ways I give this Holiday season!
I run TFD out of my home so I am on a first name basis with our USPS driver + UPS Drivers. I get tons of my supplies online regularly, and during the Holidays I buy almost all my gifts online so I begin to see even more of them!
I've always given Terri (my USPS driver) a gift card + a cute cup but this year I wanted to step it up and include every delivery person so I came up with this #DIY basket!
I included:
-Bottled Waters
-Cans of Soda
-Bags of chips
And any other snacks I thought might help het our drivers through this Holiday season.
Click the image below to download or print for your very own holiday helper station!
Give back + let those who make your Holidays easier know! This small act could make their day a little better or their route a little easier.


  • I have always loved this idea. I’m glad you posted it so I can offer snacks to our delivery people. They have really made 2020 easier for my family.

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