My name is Taylor, I am 29 years old and I'd love to welcome you to my college hobby turned full time job after being diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

The Fawn Doe was created as a way to make money while attending school full time. Before I could finish my final courses I became very ill and was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. School was no longer an option and holding down a real job was out of the question. So my sparkly hobby quickly turned into all I had. It became my baby!

After years of battling Lyme I received life saving stem cell treatment, and with it new found health! Being healthy brought new energy into my life and I was able to see what my little shop is capable of + how far I want to take it.

I am a true type 8 (ennangram) 8w7 which is "The Nonconformist" or "Maverick", so owning my own business is my literal dream job + I wake up every single day feeling lucky + thankful!

The Fawn Doe